Shaun Boothe

A man in a grey shirt and jeans leans on a wall of photographs of various celebrities as if showcasing them.

Shaun Boothe is an award-winning hip-hop artist, and TEDx speaker. His musical project celebrates the world’s most significant cultural icons through biographical rap songs – Repackaging History through Hip-Hop.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

A purple background filled with stars and the silhouette of a dog with mathematical equations written within its outline within a darker blue background.

When 15-year-old Christopher falls under suspicion for killing his neighbor’s dog, he sets out to identify the true culprit, which leads to an earth-shattering discovery and a journey that will change his life forever.

Havana Hop

A whole stage filled with images of Cuba and dancers projected on a screen. On the stage, a woman lays on the floor with a blanket.

Journey and dance with Yeila (Paige Hernandez), who visits her grandmother in Cuba as she discovers the fun of her multicultural heritage. Her experience adds a salsa flavor to her hip-hop style!